At BeSocialYYC we work together with businesses from standard packages that start at $195 each month to specialized bespoke packages.  We work together with the business owners to determine the most effective strategy to support their business goals.

Brand Representation
Brand representation as unique as your company. 80% of consumers review the social media of a business before even making first contact. They are looking for reviews supporting the product, and the posts to be authentic, credible and above all current. Make sure you have posted at least once in the last week to all your social media streams to ensure maximum conversion from your online strategies.
Inbound Marketing
Did you know that social media streams have some of the most advanced targeting algorithms in the world? What that means to you is the ability to target specifically either to your demographic or lifestyle patterns. We can even target specifically to people in a buying cycle for your product (e.g. we can target mattresses to people who are doing their research on what mattress is right for them).
Uncover Market Information
Marketing algorithms also have the ability to uncover specifics about your demographic. Are you ever interested in knowing who follows you on social media and who is most likely to engage with you? Social media has the ability to showcase who your most engaged demographics are.
Brand Awareness
Increase brand awareness of your target market in the city, across the Province or even across the world! Reach thousands of potential customers for just pennies a day.
Cross Promotion
Who are your customers and are they fully aware of the full suite of products that you have? Education is a big part of what we do using social media. Many customers typically use one, or two services from a company but if a company offers more products, it is an ideal opportunity to educate your customers for increased sales.
Promotion & Contests
Want to launch a new product or service with a bang?</p> <p>Consider using a promotion of a contest to increase cut through to your audience and build popularity through their networks. Gain instant traffic and build your database quickly.
Bot Creation
Messenger bots are the new and upcoming service that can interact with your customers and even complete basic tasks for them! Use bots to find qualifying leads, drive sales, deliver service enquiries and build newsletter databases.